Terrence's story 

In 2014 vaping changed my life for the better and today vaping has become so much more than an alternative to smoking.

Vaping is a strong community of ex-smokers that I am proud to be a part of. Vapers are anyone and everyone that are just looking for an alternative to smoking.

When I started vaping I loved going into vape stores and trying new flavours and devices.  I would spend hours meeting and talking with fellow vapers, listening and learning about everything I could about this dynamic new industry.

I took everything I learned and used it to start making my own e-liquid.  It quickly became my passion and I soon realized that I wanted to provide vapers with the ultimate vaping experience, excellent customer service and quality flavour blends at affordable prices using locally sourced products. I followed my dream and started production on my first line which I launched in 2015. In February 2016 I registered T Daawg Labs Inc. and now my wife Danielle and I own and operate a full service e-liquid manufacturing and production facility. 

From starting at home creating DIY ejuice to operating in a lab full time T Daawg Labs Inc. is now available online and in retail locations across Canada.

In October 2016 we opened our first B&M retail location in Leduc, AB - Daawgs Vape House.  After several successful months at my first store, we were able to open a second location on May 1, 2017, in south Edmonton. We now have 3 retail stores in Alberta and one in Saskatchewan.   

Vaping has changed my life for the better and nothing makes me happier than providing a quality product that will help others make the same change.

Welcome to the vape community!

Terrence & Danielle Rowland-Dow

Owners, T Daawg Labs Inc. & Daawgs Vape House Inc.